What Is The Tennis Volley And How Is It Executed

The Tennis Volley: Execution and Mechanics

The tennis volley is a talent that’s used within the recreation of tennis when the participant has a transparent and unrushed alternative to strike the ball earlier than it touches the bottom. The aim of the volley is to place strain on the opponent and win the purpose earlier than it has an opportunity to begin.

Execution of the Volley

With a purpose to execute a profitable volley, the participant should:

  • Method the ball rapidly and get into place.
  • Increase their racquet up in an overhead strike place.
  • Make contact with the ball in entrance of their physique, usually at shoulder top.
  • End the stroke by bringing their racquet to the prepared place.

Stroke Mechanics

When hitting a volley, the participant ought to preserve a brief and compact backswing. Their wrist ought to stay agency till contact with the ball has been made, at which level a slight pronation will create the mandatory energy and accuracy.

The arm ought to speed up in a steady and easy motion. Because the participant hit’s the ball, the arm needs to be rotated in direction of the goal, with the racquet ending under the elbow.


The tennis volley is an efficient shot that may put vital quantities of strain on the opponent. Whereas it might take some observe to grasp the mechanics, it’s a vital talent that every one gamers should study with a view to compete at a better degree.
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What Is The Tennis Volley And How Is It Executed?

The tennis volley is an integral a part of the sport of tennis. It’s a shot that entails placing the ball earlier than it hits the bottom. It may be used to place the ball away or to advance to the online for a degree.


The tennis volley is a shot by which the ball is struck earlier than it touches the bottom. It’s executed by placing the ball with the racket whereas in mid-air. The objective of the volley is to hit a clear winner or put the ball away with minimal effort.


There are two necessary parts of a profitable volley:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination: You will need to have good hand-eye coordination when volleying. You could have the ability to rapidly modify your racket to get into the right place and to precisely hit the ball.
  • Footwork: Footwork is essential to volleying. You could have the ability to get into place rapidly and transfer across the court docket to the ball. Having good footwork will show you how to to hit the volley constantly.


When volleying, the objective is to hit the ball as near the middle of the racket as doable. You will need to be relaxed and targeted when placing the ball. Right here is an summary of the steps to execute a profitable volley:

  1. Begin in a side-on place, together with your non-dominant foot nearest the online.
  2. Transfer rapidly in direction of the ball and membership the racket throughout your physique, preserving your arm and wrist free.
  3. Hit the ball deep into your opponent’s court docket. Purpose for the baseline with a view to put the ball away.
  4. Keep low and use your legs to generate energy and keep balanced.
  5. Be ready to rapidly modify to no matter your opponent could do.

The tennis volley is a crucial a part of the sport and can be utilized to nice impact if executed accurately. Mastering the approach and execution of the volley provides you with a giant benefit in matches.

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