What Is Imperialism And How Did It Lead To Ww1

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What’s Imperialism?

Imperialism is the assumption in extending a rustic’s energy and affect by diplomacy or navy power. Imperialism is usually associated to the method of nation-building, and a need to “unfold civilization” to less-developed international locations.

Political Causes for Imperialism

There are a number of political causes for imperialism. One is to realize entry to new markets and sources for financial achieve. By controlling different international locations, a nation also can strategically enhance its navy energy to guard its imperial holdings. Moreover, a nation can profit from the status that comes with being an imperial energy.

Financial Causes for Imperialism

Imperialism is usually pushed by a necessity for sources and markets to gasoline an economic system or enhance commerce. These sources and markets can come within the type of uncooked supplies, manufactured items, and even labor. Imperialism can also be usually related to a need to unfold a selected nation’s cultural and spiritual values.

How Did Imperialism Result in WW1?

Imperialism was one of many key causes that led to the outbreak of World Battle I. As European nations sought to construct their empires and achieve extra management over the world, they usually clashed with one another over land, sources, and energy. For instance, Germany was keen to realize extra management over the Balkans, whereas Austria-Hungary wished to take care of their management over the area. This conflict of pursuits finally led to the outbreak of battle in 1914.

Different key elements that contributed to the outbreak of WW1 embrace navy alliances, nationalism, and militarism. All of those have been fueled by the drive for imperialism, as every nation sought to realize extra energy on this planet.


Imperialism was a significant component within the outbreak of WW1. So as to achieve new markets and sources, in addition to energy and status, European nations sought to develop their empires. This led to clashes with different international locations over land, sources, and energy, culminating within the outbreak of battle in 1914.

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