What Is Gpa And How To Calculate It

What Is GPA & How To Calculate It?

GPA is an acronym for grade level common. It’s a measure of the general grades earned by a scholar all through their tutorial profession. Primarily, the GPA is a numerical illustration of the coed’s common efficiency. Calculating the GPA is an easy process, though the method could differ from faculty to high school.

How To Calculate GPA?

To calculate the GPA, you will have to first know the grades that you’ve got earned all through the course you take. You also needs to examine in case your faculty makes use of a 4- or 5-point scale for calculating the GPA, as completely different faculties can fluctuate of their implementation of this course of.

Under are the steps to calculate GPA:

  • Step 1: Assigning grade values – Assign the grade obtained in every topic.
  • Step 2: Convert the grades to numerical values – Convert the grades to factors on the 4- or 5-point scale.
  • Step 3: Calculate the sum – Calculate the sum of the grade factors.
  • Step 4: Divide the sum – Divide the sum of the grade factors by the full variety of topics.
  • Step 5: Calculate the GPA – The result’s the general GPA for the time period.


GPA is a crucial issue for a lot of universities when contemplating admissions. GPA can also be related for scholarship and different awards. Understanding of find out how to calculate one’s GPA is important for college kids as a software to trace their tutorial progress all through their school programs.

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What’s GPA and Learn how to Calculate It

GPA stands for Grade Level Common and is a numerical illustration of the common of all grades you may have achieved within the programs you may have taken. It’s usually used within the US training system to measure and examine tutorial efficiency.

Understanding Grade Level Common (GPA)

A GPA is a quantity that represents the common worth of all of the grades you may have earned, from A+ to F, in your whole courses. It’s calculated by taking the full variety of grade factors earned in a given interval, often a semester or faculty yr, and dividing that by the full variety of credit taken.

Learn how to Calculate Your GPA

  • Gather all details about your courses and grades.
  • Multiply your grade in every class by the variety of course credit.
  • Add all the outcomes you bought in quantity 2.
  • Divide your whole factors by the variety of credit of programs you took.
  • Get your GPA.

For instance, when you get an A in a 3-credit course, your grade factors could be 12.

  • A=4 grade factors x 3 credit =12 grade factors.

When you’ve got 5 courses and the grades and credit are as follows:

  • Class 1: A (4 grade factors × 3 credit = 12 grade factors)
  • Class 2: B (3 grade factors × 3 credit = 9 grade factors)
  • Class 3: C (2 grade factors × 3 credit = 6 grade factors)
  • Class 4: B (3 grade factors × 3 credit = 9 grade factors)
  • Class 5: A (4 grade factors × 3 credit = 12 grade factors)
  • Whole Grade Factors: 48
  • Whole Credit: 15

Your GPA is 48 divided by 15, which equals 3.2.

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