What Is Gnss And How Does It Work

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What’s GNSS and How Does it Work?

World Navigation Satellite tv for pc System (GNSS) is a set of satellites that present positioning, navigation, and timing providers to customers on earth. It’s utilized by tens of millions of individuals, together with drivers, hikers, sailors and farmers, to find out their place, velocity and altitude from anyplace on earth.

Parts of GNSS

GNSS is comprised of a community of satellites in orbit across the Earth, with an related infrastructure, together with:

  • Satellites – There are at present over 50 lively GNSS satellites in orbit. Every one transmits alerts with a particular frequency and encodes details about the satellite tv for pc’s place and time.
  • Floor Stations – Floor stations obtain the satellite tv for pc alerts and use them to observe and management the satellites, measure their positions and broadcast time and navigation messages.
  • Consumer Receiver – These receivers are handheld or mounted in automobiles and different purposes, and are in a position to interpret the satellite tv for pc alerts and calculate the person’s exact location.

How Does GNSS Work?

Probably the most fundamental precept of GNSS is straightforward: The person receiver compares the time a sign is transmitted from the satellite tv for pc and the time it’s obtained on Earth, and with this info it is ready to calculate the person’s place.

Extra particularly, the person receiver measures the space from the satellite tv for pc utilizing the timing info despatched by the satellite tv for pc. This is named trilateration, because the receiver can calculate its place utilizing distances from three completely different satellites.

Satellites additionally transmit exact timing info, permitting the person receiver to synchronize its clock with the exact time from the satellite tv for pc, generally known as satellite tv for pc time.

The person receiver synchronizes its clock with the time from the satellites and combines it with the space measurements to calculate the exact location of the receiver on the bottom.


GNSS permits customers to find out their place, velocity and altitude with unprecedented accuracy and has broadly revolutionized navigation, navigation and timing within the modern-day. This know-how is at present being utilized in numerous purposes reminiscent of driver navigation, navigation for business plane, autonomous car navigation, and lots of extra.

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