What Is Dna And How Does It Work

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What’s DNA and How Does it Work?

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic materials that makes us who we’re. It’s a protracted, double-stranded molecule discovered within the cells of all dwelling organisms. Composed of 4 completely different constructing blocks known as nucleotides, DNA accommodates the directions that our our bodies use to develop and performance.


DNA consists of two strands, held collectively by 4 completely different sorts of nucleotides. Right here’s what they appear like:

  • Adenine (A) – A and T,
  • Thymine (T) – T and A,
  • Cytosine (C) – C and G,
  • Guanine (G) – G and C.

The 2 strands type a double helix, with every strand working in reverse instructions, like a spiral staircase. Every strand consists of nucleotides which can be ‘matched up’ – A with T, and C with G. The order of those matches, or pairs, determines the genetic ‘code.’


DNA is chargeable for the event and performance of all dwelling organisms. It’s just like the blueprint of our our bodies – it accommodates the directions and code obligatory for the manufacturing of proteins. Proteins, in flip, give cells their construction and management their operate.

When DNA is ‘activated,’ proteins are produced and our our bodies change not directly, as an example after we’re adapting to the environment or preventing off an an infection. In easy phrases, the code contained in our DNA determines how our our bodies reply and adapt to the world round us.


DNA performs a necessary position in figuring out who we’re and the way we operate. From our bodily options to our character and habits, it’s the code that makes us distinctive. Understanding how DNA works and what it will probably do is an important step in understanding our personal biology and the biology of different dwelling issues.

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