What Is Covid Tongue And How Long Does It Last

What’s Covid Tongue?

Covid tongue is an uncommon symptom of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and it seems as an eruption of crimson, white, or generally blended shade bumps on the tongue. Regardless of its look, Covid tongue is neither contagious nor painful.

What Does Covid Tongue Look Like?

Covid tongue is characterised by quite a few flat bumps of varied sizes. They might seem as crimson or white patches and might even differ in dimension and look. In some instances, the eruptions might also combine along with completely different colours. The bumps additionally have a tendency to look as a single or a number of rows throughout the tongue’s floor.

How Lengthy Does Covid Tongue Final?

Sometimes, Covid tongue tends to clear up by itself inside a matter of days. Nonetheless, it may possibly final so long as two weeks or extra. In uncommon instances, the tongue might seem crimson and irritated for longer durations of time.

Treating Covid Tongue

Normally, remedy will not be vital for Covid tongue. Nonetheless, these ought to take excellent care of their tongues and keep away from overly sizzling or spicy meals. If the bumps linger for an prolonged time period or turn out to be uncomfortable, a physician must be consulted for additional analysis.


Covid tongue is a symptom of the novel coronavirus which seems as crimson, white, or blended shade bumps on the tongue. Normally, it clears up by itself inside a number of days. Nonetheless, if the tongue seems irritated and uncomfortable, it’s best to contact your physician. Remedy is probably not vital, however taking excellent care of the tongue and avoiding irritants is essential.
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What’s COVID Tongue?

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and has brought on many problems for many who have turn out to be sick with the virus. One of many lesser-known however nonetheless extensively reported signs is COVID tongue.

What are the Signs of COVID Tongue?

COVID tongue is an indication of the virus and is characterised by white lesions within the mouth that appear to be tiny sore spots. Further signs of COVID tongue might embody:

  • Crimson or white patches in your tongue, gums, or cheeks
  • Ache or burning in your mouth
  • A change in your sense of style

How Lengthy Does COVID Tongue Final?

For most individuals, signs of COVID tongue will final 2-3 weeks. Whereas the lesions could also be current for an extended time period, it’s unlikely that they are going to trigger any lasting injury.

In case your signs of COVID tongue final for greater than 3 weeks, it’s a good suggestion to contact your physician. They may have the ability to present a prognosis and a remedy plan to assist alleviate your signs.

The right way to Deal with COVID Tongue

The easiest way to deal with COVID tongue is to take excellent care of your oral hygiene. Be certain to brush your enamel twice a day, floss every single day, and use an antiseptic or mouthwash to maintain your mouth clear. You may as well take over-the-counter medicines, reminiscent of ibuprofen, to cut back irritation and ache.

Moreover, keep hydrated and get loads of relaxation to assist your physique recuperate.


COVID tongue is a symptom of the coronavirus, and whereas it might be disagreeable, it’s often innocent. Most instances final 2-3 weeks, but when your signs persist, contact your physician for a prognosis and remedy plan. Taking excellent care of your oral hygiene and staying hydrated can assist cut back the signs of COVID tongue and assist get you again to feeling your greatest.

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