What Is Chemo Belly And How Long Does It Last

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What’s Chemo Stomach and How Lengthy Does it Final?

Chemo stomach, also referred to as most cancers cachexia, is a symptom some most cancers sufferers might expertise. This symptom is attributable to chemotherapy therapy and is characterised by weight reduction and an enlarged stomach.

Signs of Chemo Stomach:

The commonest symptom of chemo stomach is a swollen stomach. Different signs of chemo stomach embrace:

  • Weight Loss – sufferers might discover vital weight reduction over a brief time period
  • Fatigue – feeling drained extra typically than typical can also be a attribute of chemo stomach
  • Lack of Urge for food – because the identify suggests, many expertise a lack of urge for food, resulting in additional weight reduction
  • Constipation And Diarrhea – each constipation and diarrhea might be indicators of chemo stomach, as sufferers typically have issues with their digestive methods
  • Insomnia – not with the ability to sleep or having issue staying asleep can also be linked with chemo stomach

How Lengthy Does Chemo Stomach Final?

The length of chemo stomach is dependent upon the person, so it is very important communicate to your physician or healthcare supplier if you’re experiencing these signs. Usually talking, chemo stomach normally lasts for a number of weeks however might be longer relying on the affected person.

The excellent news is that when the chemotherapy therapy is completed, signs of chemo stomach ought to begin to subside. Nonetheless, it is very important keep in mind that weight acquire and improved urge for food might take a while. It’s helpful to speak to a nutritionist or dietician to allow them to present priceless recommendation on easy methods to regain essentially the most quantity of weight in a wholesome and sustainable manner.


Chemo stomach is a standard symptom that some most cancers sufferers expertise on account of chemotherapy therapies. Signs corresponding to weight reduction, fatigue, and lack of urge for food are sometimes the results of chemo stomach. The length of this symptom can range from affected person to affected person, however with the assistance of a healthcare skilled, it’s potential to handle and ultimately overcome chemo stomach.

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