What Is Cardioversion And How Is It Done

What’s Cardioversion?

Cardioversion is a medical process used to transform an arrhythmia, or irregular coronary heart rhythm, to a standard sinus rhythm. It’s normally accomplished for folks with atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter – two varieties of arrhythmias that may trigger palpitations, lightheadedness and shortness of breath.

How is Cardioversion Executed?

There are two varieties of cardioversion – pharmacological cardioversion and electrical cardioversion.

    Pharmacological Cardioversion:

  • A single dose of anti-arrhythmic medicines is used to revive the conventional sinus rhythm.
  • The medicines could should be taken over a number of weeks or months earlier than the arrhythmia is cured.
    Electrical Cardioversion:

  • {An electrical} shock is used to revive the conventional sinus rhythm.
  • The process is completed below basic anesthesia and takes about 10-20 minutes.
  • {The electrical} shock could also be felt as a slight jolt, however is normally not painful.

After the process, the particular person is normally monitored for a couple of hours or in a single day to ensure the center rhythm stays regular. If the arrhythmia returns, pharmacological cardioversion or one other kind of process could also be wanted.
Cardioversion rhythm

Cardioversion – Serving to Restore a Common Heartbeat

Cardioversion is a medical process typically used to deal with irregular coronary heart rhythms, also called arrhythmia. It’s a protected and efficient manner to assist restore the center price to its regular rhythm. Cardioversion is often used to deal with atrial fibrillation (AF) and to assist restore the common coronary heart beat.

What’s Cardioversion?

Cardioversion is a process accomplished to revive a standard coronary heart rhythm by delivering electrical vitality to the center via paddles or patches on the chest. Cardioversion works by stimulating {an electrical} shock to the center, which disrupts the irregular coronary heart rhythm and helps restore a daily heartbeat. Usually, the affected person is put to sleep with a particular kind of sedation earlier than the process is completed.

How is Cardioversion Executed?

Earlier than having the cardioversion process, the affected person should have a couple of assessments, like an electrocardiogram (ECG). That is used to assist decide the kind of arrhythmia and probably the most appropriate remedy possibility. A medicine or anticoagulant may additionally be beneficial to assist forestall a stroke.

As soon as the affected person meets the factors and is able to proceed, the next steps are taken:

  • Get Monitoring: A nurse will place a couple of leads on the affected person’s chest and linked to an ECG machine with a view to monitor the center rhythm.
  • Administer the Medicine: In some circumstances, a medicine is given intravenously to assist cut back the chance of issues.
  • Move the Shock: Electrical vitality is delivered by way of paddles or patches on the chest and might be felt as a gentle, transient shock.
  • Aftercare: The affected person will probably be monitored for any unwanted side effects or adjustments within the coronary heart rhythm.

What are the Advantages of Cardioversion?

There are various advantages to having cardioversion. It’s a protected and efficient option to restore a standard coronary heart rhythm, cut back signs, and stop future episodes. Cardioversion is usually a profitable remedy possibility, though you will need to word that it isn’t a remedy. It ought to be a part of a complete remedy plan.

Cardioversion is a comparatively protected process and the unwanted side effects or dangers are minimal. The most typical unwanted side effects are dizziness, complications, and nausea.


Cardioversion is an efficient process for restoring the common coronary heart rhythm in folks with sure types of arrhythmia. Though it isn’t a remedy, it may be a part of a complete remedy plan and can be utilized to scale back signs and assist forestall future episodes. The dangers and unwanted side effects are minimal, however you will need to focus on all of the dangers and advantages along with your physician earlier than having the process.

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