What Is Bone Density Test And How It Is Done

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All You Must Know About Bone Density Checks

Bone density exams are also referred to as bone densitometry and bone mineral density (BMD) exams. They’re easy, secure and fast exams that assist measure the power of your bones and decide the chance of fracture.

What Does a Bone Density Take a look at Measure?

A bone density check measures the mineral content material in bones, reminiscent of calcium, which provides bones their power and stiffness. Bone density exams may also help point out you probably have osteoporosis, a situation the place the bones develop into weak and susceptible to fracture.

What Are the Totally different Sorts of Bone Density Checks?

There are a number of strategies for measuring bone density. The 2 essential sorts are DXA scans and ultrasound.

  • DXA scan – That is the commonest kind and makes use of low power X-rays to measure bone density all through the physique. It’s performed in a matter of minutes and is comparatively painless.
  • Ultrasound – That is generally performed to measure bone density within the heel or wrist. It makes use of high-frequency sound waves to measure bone density in particular areas.

What Are the Advantages of Getting a Bone Density Take a look at?

A bone density check may also help medical doctors diagnose and detect osteoporosis in early phases. Early detection of osteoporosis may also help you obtain remedy, limiting the chance of hip or backbone fractures. Bone density exams additionally assist measure remedy development over time.

What Ought to I Count on Throughout a Bone Density Take a look at?

Once you arrive to your bone density check, you’ll be requested to vary right into a robe. Relying on the kind of check, you could have to lie in your again, abdomen or each. Throughout the process, a technician will take X-ray photos of your bones.

Who Ought to Get a Bone Density Take a look at?

Ladies aged 65 and older and males aged 70 and older ought to get a bone density check each two years. Folks with a excessive danger of osteoporosis could have to have the check extra typically.

Bone density exams are a secure, fast, and painless option to measure the mineral content material in bones. They may also help diagnose osteoporosis and assist detect fractures or indicators of weakening bones. In case you are over the age of 65 and haven’t had a bone density check, speak to your physician at this time.

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