What Is An Enzyme And How Does It Work

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An Introduction to Enzymes

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts, which implies they improve the speed of a response with out present process any kind of everlasting change themselves. They often take part in organic processes corresponding to digestion, metabolism, and absorption of vitamins. Enzymes are important to the functioning of all life kinds, and there are a number of differing types.

How Do Enzymes Work

Enzymes work by binding to a particular substrate. This substrate is the molecule that the enzyme acts on. The enzyme then acts as a catalyst, and facilitates the response between the substrate and different molecules wanted for the response to happen. In some instances, enzymes may additionally be concerned within the formation of latest molecules because of the response.

Varieties of Enzymes

There are various several types of enzymes, and all of them play an important function in organic processes.

  • Metabolic Enzymes – These enzymes are concerned in processes corresponding to vitality manufacturing, the breakdown of molecules, and storage of vitality.
  • Digestive Enzymes – These enzymes break down giant molecules corresponding to proteins, fat, and carbohydrates into smaller elements that may be simply absorbed by the physique.
  • Structural Enzymes – These enzymes assist to take care of the construction of cells and molecules, and are chargeable for processes corresponding to DNA replication and protein synthesis.
  • Catabolic Enzymes – These enzymes break down molecules into smaller molecules that can be utilized for vitality or different functions.


Enzymes are important for all times and play an necessary function in lots of organic processes. They act as catalysts, binding to substrates and facilitating reactions. There are a number of several types of enzymes and every play an necessary function within the functioning of the physique.

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