What Is A Vlan And How Does It Work

What’s a VLAN and the way does it Work?

A Digital Native Space Community, or VLAN, is a configuration that helps create subsections of a bigger community. This will create a number of completely different smaller networks, every with its personal community gadgets, broadcast area, and guidelines relating to communication between the group of gadgets.

Key Advantages of VLANs

  • Lowered Prices. By creating smaller, logical networking areas, a VLAN may also help cut back the variety of gadgets wanted to hold out the identical duties.
  • Elevated Safety. As a result of VLANs use completely different broadcast domains, they’ll create a safer method to comprise knowledge.
  • Higher Efficiency. VLANs assist cut back broadcast site visitors on your complete community, leading to quicker community speeds.

How Do VLANs Work?

VLANs work by classifying community site visitors based mostly on the VLANs they belong to, fairly than utilizing Classless Inter-Area Routing (CIDR) to find out how the site visitors is routed and managed. This enables the swap to determine the supply and vacation spot of the site visitors and decide if it must be allowed or blocked.

Community site visitors inside a VLAN is distributed by a router or swap that has been configured to filter site visitors in accordance with the foundations related to the VLAN. The information is then despatched by a “trunk” which permits a number of VLANs to be configured on the identical bodily connection. This kind of trunking offers flexibility, permitting for environment friendly use of assets.


VLANs present a simple to handle and safe method to configure networks. By creating smaller logical networking areas, they may also help enhance safety, cut back prices, and pace up the efficiency of the community.
VLANs traffic
Whereas VLANs are a bit extra complicated than primary networking, they supply a precious software for directors to configure and handle networks in a extra environment friendly approach.

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