What Is A Rain Chain And How Does It Work

What Is A Rain Chain?

A rain chain is an ornamental various to a standard rain gutter downspout. RAin chains are made out of steel, PVC, plastic, or copper, and could be hung from a hook or bracket and hooked up to a gutter. In contrast to conventional downspouts, rain chains act as a waterfall, creating an interesting visible impact in your yard or backyard.

How Do they Work?

Rain chains work by funneling water from the gutter down the chain’s hyperlinks to the bottom. The rainwater that collects within the gutter is then channeled down the chain and right into a basin of some kind, comparable to a barrel, or it might be absorbed into the bottom.

Advantages of Rain Chains

Rain chains present many advantages to your private home, together with however not restricted to:

  • Ornamental: Rain chains can improve the great thing about your panorama and can be found in all kinds of types and finishes.
  • Purposeful: Rain chains act as a rainwater assortment gadget, serving to to seize water out of your gutters and disperse it in an eco-friendly method.
  • Environmentally Pleasant: By directing the runoff water away from your private home or basis, you possibly can assist to attenuate soil erosion and runoff air pollution.
  • Price Efficient: Rain chains are typically extra reasonably priced than conventional downspouts.


Rain chains are a horny and purposeful method to seize and disperse rainwater from your private home. Not solely do they current an aesthetically-pleasing visible impact, however they’re are also nice for conserving water and protecting it from coming into your basis.
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By utilizing a rain chain, you possibly can make the most of these advantages with out breaking the financial institution.

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