What Is A Pessary And How Does It Work

pelvic pessary

What’s a Pessary and How Does it Work?

A pessary is a pocket-sized gadget inserted into the vagina to help the pelvic organs, scale back pelvic ache, deal with vaginal prolapse, and handle urinary incontinence. It’s mostly utilized in girls who can not have or don’t need surgical procedure.

How a Pessary Works

A pessary works by offering managed stress or help to the organs within the pelvic space. This can assist relieve signs of pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and pelvic ache.

There are a number of varieties of pessaries. Relying on the kind chosen, a pessary can:

  • Strain or help the pelvic organs, offering aid for these with pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and pelvic ache.
  • Stop uterine prolapse by serving to to carry the uterus in its regular place.
  • Have an effect on sexual pleasure. Some pessaries might have an effect on sexual pleasure, whereas others don’t.
  • Present contraceptive safety. For instance, a diaphragm pessary can present some safety in opposition to being pregnant.

Find out how to Use a Pessary

To make use of a pessary, it should first be correctly sized and fitted by a health care provider, nurse practitioner, or different healthcare supplier. This ensures the right match and luxury. As soon as it’s appropriately fitted and in place, the pessary ought to stay in place till it must be cleaned.

The pessary ought to be cleaned repeatedly with heat water and a gentle, non-abrasive cleaning soap. It ought to then be dried with a clear towel and re-inserted.


A pessary is a tool inserted into the vagina to assist maintain the pelvic organs in place, relieve pelvic ache, and handle urinary incontinence. Relying on the kind of pessary used, it will possibly additionally scale back signs of pelvic organ prolapse, present contraceptive safety, and have an effect on sexual pleasure. Utilizing a pessary requires a go to to a healthcare supplier to make sure a correct match and obtain directions on cleansing and sustaining the gadget.

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