What Is A Jail Bond And How Does It Work

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What’s a Jail Bond and How Does It Work?

A jail bond is a kind of surety bond that’s used when somebody is arrested and held in a county jail. The aim of a bond is to make sure that the person will seem in court docket when requested by the court docket.

How Does a Jail Bond Work?

When somebody is arrested and brought to jail, the decide will often set a bail quantity – that is the sum of money that can be required to ensure that the accused to be launched from jail. In some instances, the accused will have the ability to pay the bail quantity themselves. Nonetheless, if they’re unable to take action, a jail bond can be utilized.

A jail bond is a kind of surety bond that may be bought by the accused’s pals or household. The bond quantity is often equal to the bail quantity set by the court docket.

The surety firm that gives the bond agrees to pay the total bail quantity to the court docket if the individual being held in jail fails to seem in court docket on the desired date.

What Is The Price Of A Jail Bond?

The price of a jail bond varies from state to state. Usually, the price of the jail bond is a proportion of the bail quantity set by the court docket. This proportion can vary from 10% to twenty%. The price of the bond is often non-refundable, that means that the accused or the surety firm can be unable to get their a reimbursement.

Who Is Accountable For The Bond?

The one that bought the bond is the first accountable get together. If the accused fails to seem in court docket, the surety firm will maintain the purchaser of the bond accountable for the total bail quantity. Moreover, the one that bought the bond can be held accountable for any court docket prices or charges related to the bond.

What Are Some Ideas For Selecting A Bond Firm?

Deciding on the precise bond firm is necessary so as to be sure that the bond is issued promptly and at an affordable value. Beneath are some ideas for selecting a bond firm:

  • Verify the corporate’s fame: Be sure to do analysis on the corporate you’re contemplating utilizing so as to guarantee that they’ve a great fame and can have the ability to course of the bond shortly.
  • Evaluate prices of various corporations: You will need to get quotes from a number of completely different corporations earlier than selecting to just remember to get the very best deal.
  • Safe the bond instantly: The bond have to be secured as quickly as doable so as to be sure that the accused is launched from jail promptly.


A jail bond is a crucial a part of the authorized course of. It ensures that people who find themselves arrested and brought to jail are capable of be launched shortly and that they’ll seem in court docket when requested. You will need to select a good bond firm that may course of the bond shortly and at an affordable value.

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