What Is A Hymen And How Does It Break

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What’s a hymen and the way does it break?

A hymen is a skinny membrane that’s situated on the opening of a lady’s vagina. It’s partially lined by a mucus membrane, and is also referred to as a “vaginal corona” or a “maiden’s veil”. The hymen is believed to have been an emblem of virginity in some cultures, however its operate is essentially unknown. It has been linked to the manufacturing of estrogen, however it’s unclear if it performs another position.

What Occurs When the Hymen Breaks?

In some cultures, the breaking of the hymen is seen as an indication of a lady’s lack of virginity. It might occur throughout intercourse, tampon insertion, or because of different bodily exercise. Nevertheless, some girls could not expertise any hymenal breaking in any respect.

What’s the Hymen Made Of?

The hymen is product of a skinny tissue layer referred to as the hymenal membrane. It’s related to the tissues across the vaginal opening and is surrounded by glands and blood vessels. The hymen could come in numerous styles and sizes. Some hymens could seem like a hoop or a semi-circle, whereas others could also be extra open or’dips’, or the membrane might not be seen in any respect.

Inform if the Hymen is Damaged?

A bodily examination by a health care provider is the one technique to decide if the hymen has been damaged. The physician could have to make use of a lighted instrument to assist establish any indicators of breaking. Moreover, a younger lady could not keep in mind if the hymen was damaged throughout intercourse, as it might probably occur with none ache.

Different Methods to Break the Hymen

Moreover penetration, the hymen could be damaged via bodily exercise like bike using, gymnastics, yoga, horseback using, and different sports activities. In some circumstances, the hymen might not be seen at start, or could already be damaged because of completely different actions.


The hymen is a skinny membrane situated close to the opening of a lady’s vagina. It might break because of intercourse, bodily exercise, or different actions. The one technique to inform if it has been damaged is thru a bodily examination by a health care provider. It is very important keep in mind that the hymen isn’t an correct indicator of virginity.

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