What Is A Hip Pointer And How Is It Treated

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What’s a Hip Pointer?

A hip pointer is an damage to the iliac crest, which is the higher pelvic bone together with the hip. This damage happens when a direct blow is sustained to the pelvic area and it might trigger extreme torse, bruising and swelling.

Signs of a Hip Pointer

The principle signs of a hip pointer are:

  • Sudden and intense ache within the hip space
  • Ache when strolling or lifting up
  • Bruising within the belly space
  • Swelling across the hip space
  • Stiffness or limitation of motion within the hip space

Remedy Of A Hip Pointer

Step one of remedy is to relaxation the world and keep away from any exercise or motion that will increase the ache signs. To scale back the swelling, it’s endorsed to use ice packs to the world for 15-20 minutes for a number of instances a day. You will need to by no means apply ice on to the pores and skin. The iliac crest space will also be wrapped with an elastic assist bandage.

Ache relievers akin to ibuprofen or acetaminophen will also be taken, as suggested by the physician. If extra intensive remedy is required, bodily remedy will be prescribed to assist strengthen the hip muscle groups and promote therapeutic. Surgical procedure is never wanted however could also be advisable in extreme instances.

To stop a hip pointer, it’s endorsed to put on protecting hip pads when taking part in touch sport actions and to heat up the physique earlier than exercising.


A hip pointer is a painful, but normally treatable damage that’s brought on by a sudden direct blow to the pelvic area. Remedy normally includes resting the world, making use of ice packs and taking ache relievers in addition to following your physician’s recommendation. In some instances, bodily remedy and surgical procedure may be advisable. To stop this kind of damage, it is very important put on protecting hip pads and do correct warm-ups earlier than any bodily exercise.

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