What Is A Ct Urogram And How Is It Done

What’s a CT Urogram?

A CT urogram (computed tomography urogram) is a sort of imaging process used to determine and diagnose illnesses inside the urinary tract. This process is finished utilizing a CT scanner, which makes use of X-ray beams to take a number of pictures of the physique. A CT urogram can be utilized to analysis urinary tract most cancers, urinary tract an infection, abscesses and cysts, amongst different problems.

How is a CT Urogram Achieved?

A CT urogram is usually carried out in a number of steps:

  • Preparation – Earlier than the scan, the affected person is requested to drink a particular answer containing distinction materials. This distinction materials helps improve the pictures produced. The affected person may additionally be requested to make use of a bladder scanner to examine for any blockages which will intrude with the scans.
  • Scanning – The affected person is then requested to lie nonetheless on a mattress and the urogram is taken from quite a lot of angles. The CT scanner generates a number of X-ray pictures. The affected person is usually put in an open or closed CT scanner for the scan.
  • Evaluation – The X-ray pictures are despatched to a radiologist, who interprets the info and produces a report.

A CT urogram is a fast, non-invasive process that’s extra correct than conventional X-ray imaging and can be utilized to diagnose a variety of urinary tract problems. It is suggested that sufferers seek the advice of with their physician to study extra about this process.
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What’s a CT Urogram?

A CT urogram is an imaging check that helps to create detailed footage of the urinary system, together with kidneys, bladder, and ureters. It makes use of a mixture of computed tomography (CT) and intravenous (IV) distinction dye to provide these pictures.

Advantages of a CT Urogram

A CT urogram is used to:

  • Detect and consider irregular growths within the urinary system
  • Help in diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTI) and kidney stones
  • Monitor remedy of most cancers or different illnesses of the bladder, kidneys or ureters

How is a CT Urogram carried out?

First, you’ll be given an IV injection of distinction dye which can make it simpler for the radiologist to see your urinary system on the scan. Then, you’ll be requested to put down on the CT scanner mattress. The CT scanner will rotate round your physique to seize pictures from a number of angles. After the scan is full, you’ll be requested to drink loads of fluids to assist transfer the distinction dye out of your physique and also you’ll have the ability to go residence.


A CT urogram is an imaging check used to detect and consider irregular growths within the urinary system, diagnose urinary infections and kidney stones, and monitor the remedy of most cancers or different illnesses of the bladder, kidneys or ureters. It includes intravenous injection of distinction dye and a scan on a CT scanner mattress.

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