What Is A Bush Hog And How Does It Work

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What’s a Bush Hog?

A Bush Hog is a kind of massive mower that’s used to clear land and preserve pastures, fields, and different grassy areas. These heavy-duty mowers can deal with scrub and brush as much as 1″ in diameter and may shortly clear away brush and lightweight bushes.

Main Parts

Bush Hogs encompass three foremost elements: the body, the drive system, and the reducing elements.

  • Body: The body is constructed to face up to the power of the blades going by means of brush and to deal with the occasional bumping of a tree or extra strong object.
  • Drive System: Bush hogs will be pulled behind a tractor, ATV, or different heavy-duty machine. They normally have 2-wheel drive, with the ability of the drive being decided by the ability of the towing machine.
  • Chopping Parts: The blades on a bush hog are extremely sharp and may deal with as much as 1″ thick brush. They’re powered by the towing machine and normally product of sturdy steel like forged metal.

How Does a Bush Hog Work?

Bush Hog mowers work by spinning numerous blades at a excessive velocity to chop by means of brush and small bushes. The blades are held in place by a set deck that’s hooked up to the towing machine. Because the blades rotate, they reduce by means of the comb and particles, depositing it on both facet of the mower.

When in use, the mower shouldn’t be put in reverse, as this may trigger the blades to get caught. The mower also needs to not be used on slopes or small hills, as this might trigger the machine to tip over. Moreover, the mower ought to solely be operated by a skilled technician to make sure its protected work.


Bush hogs will be extremely helpful instruments to clear overgrown areas and preserve pastures and lawns. With the proper information and care, they will make fast work of brush and scrub, permitting you to maintain your land in prime situation.

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