What Is A Bump Key And How Does It Work

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What’s a Bump Key?

A bump key, also called a 999 key, is a sort of grasp key that can be utilized to open any lock with a pin tumbler lock cylinder. The hot button is typically utilized by locksmiths, legislation enforcement personnel, and intruders as a way of gaining entry with out damaging the lock.

How Does a Bump Key Work?

A bump secret’s designed to simulate the motion of a accurately reduce key. It’s inserted into the keyway of the lock, and gently bumped with a metallic object resembling a screwdriver. This causes the pins contained in the lock to leap out of alignment, permitting the important thing to show and open the lock.

To ensure that the bump key to work, it should be reduce to match the depths of the pins contained in the lock. It’s also vital to know the tolerances of the lock so as to ensure that the secret’s reduce accurately.

Benefits of Bump Keys

There are a number of benefits to utilizing a bump key to open a lock, together with:

  • No Harm: A bump key doesn’t harm the lock in any method, because it doesn’t trigger any put on or tear.
  • Pace: Bumping a lock might be a lot quicker than choosing it, as there is no such thing as a have to manually really feel every pin.
  • Simple to Make: It’s comparatively simple to make a bump key, as all that’s wanted is an atypical key that’s correctly filed down.

Drawbacks of Bump Keys

Sadly, there are additionally some drawbacks to utilizing a bump key:

  • Noise: Bumping a lock might be fairly noisy, and this noise can alert others to intruders.
  • Talent: It takes some talent to correctly bump a lock, and it may be simple to trigger harm if performed incorrectly.
  • Expense: Making a bump key might be costly, as the important thing must be reduce precisely to match the depths within the lock.


A bump key could be a helpful and environment friendly instrument for unlocking a pin tumbler lock. Nevertheless, it is very important concentrate on the drawbacks and perceive the talent wanted so as to use one correctly and safely.

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