What Is A Bail Bond And How Does It Work

What’s a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a monetary assure made by a person or group to a courtroom of regulation or different authorities. The aim of a bail bond is to ensure that the defendant in a prison trial will seem in courtroom on the day and time specified by the courtroom.

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

The bail bond course of usually works as follows:

  • The accused particular person is arrested and introduced earlier than a courtroom of regulation.
  • The detainee could also be allowed to put up bail or stay in jail till their courtroom date.
  • The bail quantity set by the courtroom should be paid in full by the accused or somebody on their behalf with the intention to be launched from jail.
  • The accused might search the help of a bail bond agent if they’re unable to pay the complete bail quantity.
  • The bail bond agent will put up the complete bail quantity on their behalf and the accused can be launched from jail.
  • If the accused doesn’t seem for his or her courtroom date, the bail bond agent is answerable for paying the complete bail quantity.
  • The accused or the bail bond agent might should pay further charges to the courtroom of regulation if the accused fails to seem in courtroom.


A bail bond is a crucial a part of the prison justice system and gives a possibility for accused people to be launched from jail whereas they await their trial date. It’s important to know how bail bonds work, as failure to seem in courtroom can result in critical monetary penalties.

How does a surety bail bond work?

To elucidate how a surety bail bond works, it’s helpful to begin by going over how money bonds work. Money bonds are simply what they sound like: a money quantity that the courtroom holds till the trial is accomplished, as a strategy to be sure you present up on your courtroom dates. For those who don’t, the courtroom retains the bond and also you don’t get it again.

Surety bail bonds work in another way, as a result of a surety bond is given to the courtroom by a bail bondsman (or bail bond firm) as an alternative of cash being given on to the courtroom. The bond isn’t launched till the entire courtroom appearances are accomplished, so for those who don’t present up, the courtroom holds the bond and the bond firm pays the courtroom the complete amount of cash represented within the surety bond.

The way in which it really works is that the bonding firm expenses you (or the particular person for whom you’re posting bail) round 10–15 % of the complete bail quantity, as a price. The bond itself is then posted to the courtroom and stays in impact till the trial is completed. For those who or the particular person for whom you’re posting bail fails to seem in courtroom, the courtroom will notify the bondsman and the bail quantity will change into due instantly to the courtroom. If the bond shouldn’t be paid, the bail bondsman will undertake any steps essential to return the defendant to custody, in order that the complete bail quantity is paid.

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